Designing the new generation of MRI contrast media injectors from ulrich medical, optimized workflow was the base of the design concept. Insert Easy-Click-Cassette, close cover, connect patient tubing, load media container – now it’s all ready for the first injection! For every additional injection, only the patient tubing needs to be changed – the Easy-Click-Cassette can be left in place for 24 hours for as many injections as desired. The three media connection points enable a second contrast medium to be selected (CM-Select).

The alternating switch- ing function when two identical contrast media are loaded (CM-Loop) additionally facilitates workflows.

- Set up only once per day.

- 24 hours of use of the Easy-Click-Cassette.

- Very fast patient changeovers.

- Intuitive operator control concept.

- Optimal CM management through two contrast media connection points.

- Wireless operation.



LED Statusanzeige
des injizierten Mediums

Intuitive Bedieneinheit mit Touchdisplay


mit Bakterienfilter, Partikelfilter und Berührschutz Konnektor

Drei Mediensteckplätze

für alle handelsüblichen Behälter.

Patientenseitiger Luftdetektor