An amazing backpacker – the new Atera bike carrier.


The special character of the Strada Genio Pro is unparalleled due to the unique rotation of the wings and is inspired by the wing beat and the large wingspan of eagles. When the wings are opened, a 1,24 meter wide platform with shapely clear glass lamp is spreading out. With soft upward pressure the Genio Pro wings turn inwards. Folded the lamps find their positon well-protected behind the stirrup. The handling Strada Genio Pro is child’s play. The fitting to the tow bar is very comfortable. Even before clamping the carrier holds itself in horizontal position on the tow bar. The confidence in safety and the ease of use are the most important aspects in the ambitious product requirements on the new Strada Genio Pro. Turn two into three – and nothing gets into the way of bike tour in a threesome. The new Strada Genio Pro is foldable AND expandable! The fitting of the additional bike rail is absolute tool-free: simply pushed into the carrier and secured.


An progressive design language with new safety standard. In store from 2019 onwards.