Product design and user interface design for the KaVo ELECTROmatic surgical unit. In the area of product design, the task was to create a modular system with expansion stages without a display through to an intuitive touch display with additional placement options from the floor-mounted unit to additive mounting on the dental unit. In addition, the formal character of the individual instruments should match that of the MASTER and EXPERTsurg family.


Further design features are attractive soft edge radii, a reduced joint pattern, optimum viewing angle and good stability.


User guidance is the optical focus of the ELECTROmatic.

An intuitive and finely adjustable operation with little text was the task for our UserExperience Designer. The small ELECTROmatic is operated via pushbuttons with a small display, the large ELECTROmatic as a touch screen.


Together with the KaVo development team, we succeeded in developing an efficient instrument with a modular design and simple operating logic for the preparation and treatment of root canals in dental practices worldwide.



ELECTROmatic Platzierung und Montage
an jeder Behandlungseinheit möglich.


ELECTROmatic User Experience

Interaction Concept and Visual Design Language

ELECTROmatic User Experience Touch
Individual Icon Design


ELECTROmatic modular system