Current and good news:

THERA-Trainer bemo is reddot winner 2021.



The THERA-Trainer bemo is a movement exerciser used in bed. With the motorized lifting columns, the THERA-Trainer bemo can be moved over the bedside and adapted to the training position of the patient. Users are severely affected patients, mainly in ICUs, whose mobility is restricted after accidents, operations or general illnesses affecting the musculoskeletal system. Bemo supports the circular passive, assistive or active mobilisation of the upper and lower extremities. It allows training in a recumbent, semi-recumbent or sitting position on a bed, chair or wheelchair.


SLOGDESIGN has been designing the Medica Medizintechnik GmbH THERA motion trainers for over 27 years; a success story that continues in the new THERA-Trainer bemo. The product language and operating logic of the THERA-Trainers is so easy to understand, that anyone can work out without any hassle and feel well regardless of their experience, technical understanding or power of concentration.









Photos:  Medica Medizintechnik GmbH